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34th Season 2017-18
International Recital Series

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Thursday 30th November 2017
York Waits

Christmas Concert

Commences 7.30pm at Hartlepool Town Hall. 

Doors open at 7.00pm


Goday, My Lord, Sir Christemas



Artist Information: York Waits

The York Waits, with their regular singer, Deborah Catterall, return to Hartlepool Music Society for the first of their series of 2017 Christmas concerts.

Their programme explores the wonderfully varied body of medieval and renaissance English music for the season of Advent and Christmas. From the charmingly simple 14th century Angelus ad Virginem, through the rhythmically complex carols of the later 1400s, to the rich Tudor consorts and folk melodies that are still sung and played today,

Shawms, sackbuts, bagpipes, hurdy gurdy and rommelpot herald the arrival of the festive season, whilst fiddles, gittern harp and the great recorders provide a gentle backing for the songs

This programme explores an important and often overlooked part of our national musical heritage, giving new life to once familiar sounds and carols.

Artist Reviews: York Waits

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